Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tampa Florist Breaks the Barriers

As a Tampa Florist we refuse to conform to the pick and click florist market. This has proved to be a dynamic adventure for us as a Local Tampa Florist. I decided to not conform to the public and the internet, but become a true Tampa Florist. Anyone can paint by number, but we don't. Stepping outside the box is what has made our mark. No matter where you look on the internet for florists you will find the basic website. Our website is something more. We never create the same design twice. Our customers and clients have connected with us and found something more. We do our best to provide just that. Our Tampa Florist brings you creative side and something more than just your average flowers. Growing a business such as this was a decision we made from the time the doors opened in April of 2008. We could have provided clients and customers with the same ole flowers they can get from any Tampa Flower Shop, but we saw a future in being a Unique Tampa Flower Shop. We look forward to a growing trend of Flower Shops and being your Favorite Local Tampa Flower Shop.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Apple Blossoms Wedding Center - Wedding Professional Spotlight at Apple Blossoms Wedding Center

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Tampa Wedding Officiant


Katherine A. DeMarco, Wedding Officiant, Owner

Weddings, celebrations and Katherine DeMarco were Made for Each Other”.

Having been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years, I started out as a Catering and Event Manager in restaurants, then wedding planner/coordinator for hotels and resorts and enjoyed this for many years.

I assisted hundreds of couples as they planned their big day. They worked so hard to have everything beautiful and perfect, but the real celebration of getting married, the ceremony, was sometimes left until last.

I’ve been to weddings where couples stand before their family and friends, listening to a minister talk at them. The minister makes them repeat their words. The couple kiss and off they go to a party. I felt sad that they did not have a ceremony that reflected their personalities, beliefs, and their relationship; the public declaration of their love and their commitment to each other.

I knew what I wanted to do. I was meant to work with couples to create their ceremony; talk about their love, commitment, and their married life together.

We were “Made for Each Other”!!!! I found my true calling.

After the urging of a friend, an ordained minister, I too was able to become ordained eight years ago. I am a non-denominational minister; I perform all types of ceremonies.

I consider myself a celebrant of life! I specialize in weddings, commitment ceremonies, vow renewals as well as house blessings, and baby christenings and memorial services. Every important event in a person’s life is meant to be celebrated and a wedding is my favorite! I love Weddings! – We were “Made for Each Other”

When I create a custom ceremony for a couple I tailor the ceremony’s message about them. . What is meaningful and important. It will speak of your love and commitment to each other. Include your beliefs, your personalities, how you met, people and places that are important to you; your plans for the future. I have wonderful readings, prayers and rituals that can be include in the ceremony.

Call, check for availability schedule a consultation,. I’d love to talk to you and hear about your plans. I will send you a questionnaire to fill out prior. I’ll use it as a tool to present materials that are relevant to the vision of your ceremony.

My fees vary depending on ceremony, date, location, rehearsal and travel, but a thoughtful custom-designed ceremony is guaranteed.

Please visit my web site: for additional information.

I am proud to be a 2009 and 2010 recipient of the

Brides Choice Awards

Rev. Katherine A. DeMarco (727) 434.2370