Sunday, August 31, 2008

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Flowers and Customer Service

Since I opened my first retail location in April of 2008 I have been quite surprised by the comments by my customers and brides. Going the extra mile for a customer who is just purchasing a rose to the customer who is placing a 3000 dollar order deserves the same amount of attention if not more. I rely on my local customers and they rely on me. Whether it be a rose to say "I Love You!" or a large arrangement to convey a sympathy. My customers are not only a person who walks through my door, but someone whom I help convey an emotion. In this day and age of florists who are complaining about the economy I must say I have no problems. When that new face enters my store they are greated with warmth.

In the past couple of months being open I have heard the good, bad, and evil the retail florists have bestowed on my customers. Why should a customer ever have to put up with this. We as florist provide a service that no other industry provides. We provide emotion. Emotions of Sympathy to Love. I must say I have had a passion for this industry for many years. Dealing with a difficult customer is only a challenge, not a problem. I enjoy winning over a customer and a recipient.

I am now not only the shop owner, but the website designer, accountant, delivery person, sales person, and much more. No matter how busy I may be I always have time for my customers. I love what I do and what I do for others. It's my passion and my passion is what makes my place of business a place for my customers to come to and enjoy a bit of the times gone bye.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Christmas on the Beach

This has to be one of my favorite homes to decorate for the Holiday Season. Christmas on the beach brings out a wonderful pallet of color in a non-traditional style.

Picking a color scheme and following through will create more impact and a unified look

Lights are an effective way to create elegance and a festive atmosphere.

You can never have too many lights.