Sunday, January 19, 2014

Flower from the shop

Fun combination of Allium, Parrot Tulips, Hydrangea, Delphinium, Lilac, Peonies and Cymbidium

Friday, February 8, 2013

Ordering Valentine's Day Flowers Tampa

Ordering your Tampa Valentine's Day Flowers from Apple Blossoms Floral Designs

Here are a couple of thing you know in advance before ordering your Valentine's Day Flowers

  1. Full name of the person you are sending to. (If they go by their maiden name we need that too.)  In some cases your Sweetheart may go by a middle name or shortened version of their name to family and friends, but use their true first name at work.
  2. If it's going to a business.  The Full Name of the business.  The Department they work in.
  3. The Suite or Building Number including Apartment or Condo Number and zip code.
  4. The phone number to the office or a direct number to the recipient.  Cell numbers are helpful, but not all people are allowed to answer cell phones from their offices. 
  5. The time the Recipient leaves work.
     These are things that help us to get your Tampa Valentine's Delivery to your Sweetheart much easier.  Without the information above it makes our job very difficult. The more information we can get from you the easier and faster we can get your Valentine's Day Flowers to your Valentine. Employees of Hospitals are one of the most difficult places to deliver.  Many of the offices are off limits to the general public including floral deliveries. 

   Cell numbers are very helpful, but most of my Valentine's Day Delivery help use their personal cell phones to contact the recipient.  In many cases if the recipient doesn't recognize the number they may not accept the call.  On Valentine's Day we have more deliveries than we may have in a month and the more details you can provide to us the easier it makes our job.  We want each and every one of our Valentine's Day Deliveries to get to your Sweetheart.  There's nothing more upsetting to us not being able to deliver a Valentine's Day Arrangement because we don't have enough information. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Shell Bouquet.

Creating unique and different bouquets is on of the things I absolutely love to do.
This bridal bouquet was inspired by the beautiful beaches in the Tampa Bay area.
Creating a bouquet like this was a labor of love.
We create these in many sizes and each one is unique to itself.
For more information please visit our website
These can be made and shipped anywhere in the USA.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

An insite on Wedding Flower Costs.

Let's take a look at a breakdown of what actually happens through the process of creating wedding flowers.

1. Initial meeting with a bride.

The initial meeting normally takes about 1-2 hours depending on how extensive the wedding is.

2. Providing the bride with an initial quote.

Proposals and quotes take anywhere from 1-3hours. I make recipes for every item in the wedding from the bridal bouquet to the centerpieces. This allows me to know where we can cut costs and still keep the overall look of the wedding without sacrificing the final product.

3. Re-working the quote to make adjustment.

Many brides will want me to make adjustments to fit their budgets better. This takes an additional 1-2 hours including re-typing the quote and making adjustments.

We are now up to a maximum of 7 hours just to get the quote to the price in which the bride wants and actually signs the contract and makes the deposit.

4. Making a sample.

We will make a sample of the brides centerpieces once she has signed the contract and made her deposit. This normally is a meeting of about 1-2 hours for any adjustments and changes.

5. Changes and adjustments to the proposal are made up until 2 weeks prior the wedding.

I may make several updates to the proposal for the bride over a period of time. This can be anywhere from 1 hour to many hours depending on the bride.

6. 2 weeks prior the wedding the bride is ready for her day.

I order the flowers and supplies to create her wedding flowers. This normally takes 1 hour.

7. Receiving the flowers and preparing the supplies for the wedding.

We receive the flowers dry packed. These flowers have to be conditioned with special chemicals to prepare them for optimum freshness and beauty for the brides special day. We also have to prepare all the items you don't even see. This can take up to 6 or more hours with 2-3 people getting everything ready for the actual designing. Believe it or not, many times we receive the wrong flowers and have to make changes or find other wholesalers that can provide us with the flowers the bride wants.

I've already lost track of the hours involved.

8. Designing the wedding.

Depending on the wedding an average of 2-3 designers needed for 8-10 hours and even more for each wedding.

9. It's Wedding day.

Deliver the bouquets to the hotel for the photos before the wedding.

10. Delivering the Ceremony arrangements and decorations.

Set up the church and in many cases wait until the ceremony is over to transport arrangements to the reception.

11. Delivering and setting up the Reception.

I wish it were that easy. We arrive and many times the room isn't ready for us to place the arrangements. We will do anything to help move the process along. From helping to place tables to dropping linens just so we can start to place the arrangements.

12. Moving arrangements from the Ceremony to the Reception before the guests are entering the Reception Room.

13. Now everything is ready and the wedding is on.

14. The reception is over.

15. It's now midnight and we're back to pick up all the rental items as well as many times retrieving items the bride has asked us to collect for her.

16. Return to the shop and unload the vehicle. 

17. Monday morning begin cleaning all the rental items and putting them back where they belong.

  Now you get an idea of what it takes as a florist to create a wedding. It's much more than throwing a few bouquets together and delivering them to you. I would love to have a bride follow us through the process just once to see what exactly we do to provide her with here perfect wedding. So when you ask why do the flowers cost so much you have an idea of why.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Tampa Flowers by Apple Blossoms

In Tampa during this time of the year a friend and Orchid Grower outside of the city Cymbidium Orchids and Vanda Orchids are flooding in.  These beautiful flowers last for a long time and are favorites in Bridal Bouquets and Arrangements.  They tend to be a fraction of the price from our local grower.  How much fresher can you get than being cut in the morning and delivered by noon.  Visit us at and take a look at the amazing flowers we carry. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Garden Roses

Garden Roses have become one of the most popular flowers for weddings.  These beautiful roses not only have a different shape than the standard roses found in most flowers shop, but the fragrance is amazing.  Garden Roses are a good substitution for Peonies and are available year round.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Apple Blossoms Flower of the Week

Fabulous Peonies are back. The season has begun once again. Hard to believe these beauties are available in October. These Chilean Peonies are spectacular. I will admit not cheap, but well worth the money.