Thursday, February 26, 2009

1940's Themed Wedding

When first meeting with Amanda she had a vision of a 1940's inspired wedding. A wedding of understated elegance of the 40's with the glitz reminiscent of Hollywood weddings of the past. Her personality inspired me to create a monochromatic design. With the string quartet in the background both at the ceremony and reception it truly brought back the look and feel of glamor. Amanda had the vision and the trust in me to follow through with what he had in mind. When the Bride opened the doors for the first time I knew I did my job. Her bouquet was a simple elegant bouquet of Siberian Lilies, Blizzard Roses, White Spray Roses and the sparkle of Rhinestones was the crowning jewel to her simple yet elegant gown. After the ceremony the guest were lead to the veranda where the quartet continued to play. On the cocktail tables we took vintage glasses found here and there at flea markets and second hand stores to create clusters of flowers with pearls submerged in water.

This was much more than just a wedding. It was truly a step back in time. When the guests entered the reception they were greeted by candles everywhere and once again more crystal accents. The center pieces of crystal chandeliers were the crown on the table surrounded by clutches of white hydrangea and pristine white rose petals. The Wedgewood Green linens gave the room a romantic garden feel.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Choosing the Right Rose

When selecting the roses always look for the rose that is beginning to open. I always like to educate my customers on choosing roses. They always want that tight bud. WRONG! Select a rose that is beginning to open. I had 3 men that would always stop at my store for their wives every Saturday. One day I asked them about the roses. They said they would be dead in about 3 days. I told them they need to buy roses that are beginning to open. The following weed they stopped by I asked them again how the roses were doing. Each man said the roses were still beautiful a week later.